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Learn for Life is a national platform in the field of education in The Netherlands and Europe. The organisation aims the promotion of lifelong learning, especially the promotion of non-formal education and learning in relation to formal and vocational learning. Learn for Life, with historical roots in rural development work, has a special focus on rural development and education, learning festivals, and the realization of local and regional educational platforms. Important activities are gathering and dissemination of good practices in these areas as well as policy influencing. The organisation is experienced in linking relevant networks active in the lifelong learning area. Members are active in the European Association for the Education of Adults EAEA and the Leader+ Programme for rural development. The organisation has been coordinating and participating in several Grundtvig Learning Partnerships and Workshops.


Our mission:

Learn for Life is a network organisation and a platform for local, regional and national organisations active in the broad field of non-formal education. We bring organizations around the table in order to exchange and discuss experiences with projects and policy documents for adult education in Europe.

Learn for Life develops international projects and contributes nationally and internationally to innovation and dissemination of educational projects.

Learn for Life supports local and regional organisations and governments in the Netherlands in the development and shaping of their internationalisation policy with regard to non-formal education. Learn for Life closely follows European developments, such as the implementation of the European Qualifications Framework, the strategic goals of Education & Training 2020 and the European discussions on adult learning. When appropriate, it develops action points in this area.

Learn for Life analyses the policy of the Netherlands with regard to adult learning and tries, when necessary, to influence that policy.

Learn for Life annually awards an international prize to a Ditch organisation using its expertise in innovative projects in adult education on an international level.

Until 01-01-2011 Learn for Life was known as Foundation of Folkhighschoolwork in The Netherlands.


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