Landelijke Gilden

Intergenerational Communication

and Active ageing in a

Rural Environment

Landelijke Gilden vzw


The ‘Landelijke Gilden’ is an association with 70.000 members and 600 active departments with 7.500 steering members in the – rural – villages of Flanders and the German speaking part of Belgium, East-Belgium. One of the main objectives of our organization is to strive for an endurable countryside for all its inhabitants. We try to achieve this by a combination of 4 activities: forming a community, learning in a group, enjoying culture & taking action. Our topic and action fields are culture, village- and rural development, care and housing, leisure, recreation, sport, exploring, gardening, rural heritage, village life, husbandry etc.


Our role in the project: we will be an active partner in this project by working on general tasks: preparation of the visit in Belgium, thinking about the village examples in Flanders, making reports, put on internal and external communication etc.


A specific task for our organization in this project will be to take care about the communication, the texts, of this project on the websites of the partners.


Specific social context:

We can say that we are active in a disadvantaged area relating to the Grundtvig program because the offer of education in our working area, the rural area, is lower than in cities. Specific for our organization is that we are working with 70.000 ’members’ of which 7000 'steering members' are volunteers. We also have a lot of elder people. The average age of our members is 55 year. We do have a specific offer to seniors.