Grobund ApS

Intergenerational Communication

and Active ageing in a

Rural Environment

Grobund ApS


Grobund Aps is a consulting and educational company that has its expertise within the field of voluntary workers in the rural districts in Denmark. Grobund works with local, regional and national boards of voluntaries that work within a number of areas within the rural districts.


Grobund offers its services as consultants, advisers and as educators. Grobund conducts workshops specialized for the volunteers within villages, community centers, rural district councils and interest organizations. The workshops / courses are conducted as face to face courses, E-learning and through projects with integrated learning.


Among our target group there is a considerable large number of old people. Hence we have over the years addressed the issue of old versus young people in many different ways and worked together with many different organizations within the rural part of Denmark.


We will conduct this Grundtvig project in cooperation with one or two of our target group organizations with a local and / or regional approach to the project. One of them is the North Jutland department of Danish Assembly Houses:

Nordjyske Forsamlings- og Kulturhuse (NF-K) is a regional organization representing the main part of the community centers in the Northern Region of Jutland, Denmark.


NF-K has a support service for members and is working towards preserving and promoting social cohesion across ages and quality of life in the villages. The voluntary administration of local centers and villages are the primary audiences.


NF-K offers support and guidance within running non-profit associations, renovation and new projects, issues concerning maintenance, quality control and develop plans. NF-K offers training within the broad field of managing the community centers, in legal issues and development of the centers. We support the boards of the community centers directly or through regional meetings within different relevant topics or directly through mentor arrangements.


Many of the boards in the Community Centers consists of older people. NF-K addresses this challenge through conducting workshops about recruiting strategies, PR, branding and leadership.


Contact details

Project coordinator: Jørgen Krogh Hessellund - e-mail: - tel. +45 2512 3322

Contact person: Jens Cæsar Jesen - e-mail: - tel. +45 4028 7012