Intergenerational Communication

and Active ageing in a

Rural Environment

Coordinació Rural de Catalunya


Coordinació Rural de Catalunya, CRUC, is non-profit organisation that works for the development of the rural world in Catalonia putting emphasis on youth politics with European and International Programmes.


CRUC consists of individual members and entities aiming to respond to the realities in the rural areas of Catalonia and at the same time creating a juridical framework for participation.


CRUC works agreement with the Generalitat de Catalunya and participates in UE Youth in action Program, is a member of the national youth counsel of Catalonia (CNJC), member of the COCAT foundation (Coordinating the organizers of the international work camps) and member of ERA (European Rural Alliance).


Coordinació works for kids, youngsters, entities, families and adults from the rural areas. It is well known that geographic reasons could be a disadvantage because there isn’t less resources, less basic services especially in our country.


CRUC achieve its goals by:

  1. Catalonia Program. This area is divided in two blocks: member services and Ruraltia (rural leisure territory school). In the first block, member services CRUC offers: XARES, Support of entities; Movement of Rural trainers; RuRal card for Kids to 3 to 12 years old and their families; YouthNet card for youngsters from 13-30 years is an international net and Net for +30. The second block, Ruraltia, is a rural leisure school space from where CRUC organises different activities and training. Activities such as summer school, international exchanges, international work camps, winter school addressed to youngsters, kids and adults; training (different courses for youngsters and people who live or work in the rural area), lectures about the Youth in Action Program in High Schools and Jornades Rurals.
  2. European-International Program: Proeurope1 Group do European magazine Proeurope1 (


In October 2011 CRUC was invited to participate as guests in a meeting of a Grundtvig learning partnership ‘50+ as a tool for rural development’ (Czech Republic). This was a very interesting meeting for us that opened our eyes to the issue of older citizens in the rural area. After this meeting we organized a training on this topic where we shared the good practices we learned in the Czech Republic. Our organization is very interested to learn more about this topic from other countries and to share the experiences we already have in our own country.