Balatonszepezdi Népfőiskola

Intergenerational Communication

and Active ageing in a

Rural Environment

Balatonszepezdi Népfőiskola


Our organisation/foundation is a regional level non-governmental organisation specialising in non-formal adult education for different groups of society (elderly, children, the unemployed, etc.)


Our general objectives are:

  • to realise learner-centredness
  • to increase individual and minor community autonomy and action-capability
  • to address the problems of marginalisation through learning as well as community development
  • to increase openness to European practices and values
  • to recognise and support all forms of learning
  • to increase participation in learning
  • to recognise the role of learning in individual and family life, social role taking, employment and career planning.


The foundation runs a learning centre in Western Hungary in Balatonszepezd, where all kinds of learning programmes are held for adults, including the teaching of learning methods, development of curricula and computer studies. We also provide opportunities for trainers to join our trainings.


The learning centre also serves as a Internet café, community house, library and the folk high school of the village. As a community house we give home to leisure programmes, exhibitions and other, live cultural events. We also provide educational activities for children.


Our programmes are specifically aimed at the marginalised/disadvantaged groups of the area, such as the elderly, the unemployed and women on maternity leave/out of jobs. Our organisation is ready share and receive the partner organisation's training tools, best practices and experiences in the field of adult, non-formal education.


Contact details:

Project coordinator: Szigeti Tóth János - e-mail: - tel. +36 20 569 66 88

Contact person: Katalin Varga - e-mail: - tel. +36 20 569 77 57