LEB Kreisarbeitsgemeinschaft Aurich/Ostfriesland

Intergenerational Communication

and Active ageing in a

Rural Environment

LEB Kreisarbeitsgemeinschaft Aurich/Ostfriesland



The LEB is an educational institution. This includes the education in rural areas and on the following topics:

  • The promotion of cultural life in the communities
  • The integration of disadvantaged groups
  • Vocational education and training
  • To address the structural changes in economy and society


We work mainly with clubs, associations and groups. In the planning, implementation and evaluation of training events, those clubs, associations and groups are involved. So many people work on local and regional level with our offers.

On the provincial, district and regional level, the LEB develops own innovative projects. These tend to be longer-term training, especially vocational skills will be teached.


Here, the LEB is working closely with the Employment Service, as well as with local, federal and state ministries and the European Union.


The LEB in the district Aurich supports adult education in general. There is a good connection to a lot of associations in the countryside and the LEB works together with them, to strengthen their work on further education. So lot of rural groups (round 70) are member within the LEB structure. The demographic change is also a topic in the daily work and the LEB support all kind of motivation for enlarge engagement of the older ones! So it' s important to know what kind of activities can be done by the senior people and how this can give a relevant contribution to society development. In the future – in the countryside – this engagement will become more and more important!


In the course of the learning partnership the LEB Aurich/Ostfriesland will check the situation, coordinate the working group about the topic and motivate the own whole network, to increase the number of engaged senior people – and to strengthen their self-confidence in their own possibilities. Especially the LEB wants to support disadvantaged older people, who live sometimes far away from main settlements and who are in risk to be more and more isolated!